ISCE 2021 Registration

Registration is now open for the International Society of Chemical Ecology 2021 meeting. This will be a virtual meeting that can accommodate in-person delegates if that becomes possible and delegates wish to attend in-person. We have reserved a venue in the Cape where in-person delegates would be able to meet and give presentations live to each other that will also be available to virtual delegates. Similarly in-person delegates will interact (watch presentations and communicate) with virtual presenters from the in-person venue on-line. There will be one program that incorporates both virtual and in-person presentations and delegates, if the latter is possible. For delegates wishing to participate virtually, registration is a one step process and you can now register online at ( For delegates that attend in-person, registration will be a two step process. The first step will be to register for virtual participation. In June, the organizing committee will assess the pandemic in terms of disease incidence, vaccination and travel restrictions and if international travel is feasible we will initiate the second step, upgrade of the virtual registration to in-person registration. This means that all delegates must register now for virtual participation and in June/ July, if international travel is possible and feasible, the virtual registration will need to be upgraded to in-person registration for delegates wishing to participate on-site in South Africa.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or we can be of assistance.

Jeremy, Christian, Francois, Bernard
ISCE 2021 Organizing Committee

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Welcome to the 36th Annual meeting of the International Society of Chemical Ecology

The 36th annual meeting of the ISCE will be held from 5 - 10 September 2021 in Stellenbosch, South Africa and hosted by Drs. Jeremy Allison (Canadian Forest Service), Christian Pirk (University of Pretoria), Francois Roets (Stellenbosch University) and Bernard Slippers (FABI, University of Pretoria).

The theme of the conference "Chemical Ecology and Sustainable Development" will emphasize the immense potential chemical ecology has to both inform our understanding of the natural world and the potential for practical applications. Talks will cover the chemistry, biochemistry and function of natural products, their importance at all levels of ecological organization in diverse taxa, and their evolutionary origins.

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